About the Council

26th and Kostner Community Oversight Council

The Council’s purpose is to hold any developer of the 26th and Kostner site and associated public officials and city agencies accountable to the community’s needs and interests. The Council is an autonomous entity and its purpose is not to support Mercy Housing or their projects, or the interest of any one organization or person. No Council member receives money or contracts from Mercy Housing. Decisions are made using democratic practices, and Council members have the ability to participate in subcommittees that influence the work of the Council.

The invitation to join the Council is open to anyone who is willing to make the commitment to attend meetings and is able and willing to represent a base of people in Little Village beyond themselves. Currently, over two thirds of Council members are Little Village community residents. Those who are not residents represent an organization with a history of serving the community, are local school principals or are community business owners.

Interested in participating or in finding out more? Download the interest form here and call 773-340-2351 or email plan@enlacechicago.org.